Welcome to Skills4Life Instructing

Skills 4 Life Instructing is a home-based business, located near Virden, MB. We specialize in meeting your First Aid/CPR/AED training needs with our St. John Ambulance certified instructors.

👮 As both police officers for our careers, we understand the importance of emergency preparedness and the need for First Aid & CPR Skills.

💙 Skills 4 Life Instructing is proud to provide PTSD and/or Test Anxiety aware training.

📝 Check out our available courses - more to come!

Our Instructors

Joe and Shona Frizzley  - Certified St. John Ambulance Instructors
We strive to provide a positive and engaging learning environment.  

Shona Frizzley

Shona is a former RCMP officer of 14 years, and currently employed with Manitoba First Nations Police.  My goal is to increase training and awareness for emergency situations and daily life skills.  

Joe Frizzley

Joe is a recently retired member of the RCMP, also currently working active duty with Manitoba First Nations Police, with over 26 years of experience in policing and emergency response.

💉Both of our instructors are double-vaccinated in regard to Covid-19
 If you are immunocompromised we are happy to accommodate individual/private courses, at no additional cost.

🔗 Skills4Life Instructing is owned and Operated by Frizzley S4L Instructing


St. John Ambulance is the only national first aid training provider recognized in every Canadian province and territory. St. John Ambulance works closely with provincial, territorial and federal regulatory agencies and many of the regulators use St. John Ambulance to set the standard by which other first aid trainers operate. St. John Ambulance has been ensuring the health, safety and quality of life for Canadians for well over 135 years. St. John Ambulance offers the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training programs for the workplace, the home and the community. Skills 4 Life Instructing is qualified to instruct these courses and an Independent Instructor of St. John Ambulance, providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment.